Since its founding in 1944, BASF has been very fortunate to have powerful, talented, and creative leaders. They led the Association and our Board of Directors through many decades of business cycles. Most importantly, they always kept one thing paramount in their minds: what was best for the entire industry — not for a particular member or company. It continues to be our guiding principle.

A number of our Board Members have distinguished themselves in this way and have been honored by being inducted into the BASF Housing Hall of Fame, received the coveted title of Spirit of the Industry, or in rare instances, were so highly esteemed and were awarded both honors. BASF is proud to present these members to you here.

BASF Lifetime Achievement Award

The Builders Association of South Florida Housing Hall of Fame honors those who have made significant and lasting contributions to the building industry, community and to the Builders Association of South Florida. It is the highest honor of our Association to be inducted into the BASF Housing Hall Fame, as inductees are nominated by fellow BASF members, and confirmed by the Housing Hall of Fame Board of Governors.

Builders Association of South Florida’s Housing Hall of Fame Members

2019 Senator Bob Graham 2004  Andrew Witkin 1994  Stanley Tate
2019 Tom P. Murphy, Jr. 2003  Eduardo Camet 1991  James Albert
2017   Truly Burton 2003  Alvah Chapman 1991  Adolph Berger *
2017   Marianna Perez 2003  Jorge Perez 1991  Max Goldstein *
2015   Fred Abbo 2002  Jonathan Fels 1991  Emil Gould *
2013   Oscar Barbara 2002  Barry Pollock 1991  J.V. Shelhorse *
2012   Jim Carr 2000  Omar “Butch” Gaudette 1990  Eli Adams, Jr.  *
2012   Jim Werle 2000  Deborah Reyes 1989  John Arbib *
2011  Noah Breakstone 1999  Armando Codina 1989  Charles Babcock, Jr.
2010  Irwin M. Adler 1999  William Dowd 1989  George Berlin *
2009  Richard Horton 1999  Martin Fine * 1989  Michael Cannon *
2009  Luis Rabell 1999  Merrett Stierheim 1989  Ralph DeMeo
2008  Lawrencce Kahn II  * 1998  Lester Goldstein * 1989  Sam Gordon
2007  Joseph Goldstein, Esq. 1998  Robert Traurig * 1989  Herschel “Hank” Green *
2007  Neisen Kasdin, Esq. 1995  Jay Janis 1989  Lenny Miller *
2006  Robert Legg 1995  Jay Allen Siegel 1989  Al Singer *
2005  Stanley Price, Esq. 1994  Susan Highsmith *
2004  Robert Bonnet

The Al Singer Spirit of the Industry Award

The Al Singer Spirit of the Industry Award was developed in 1998 to recognize BASF members who exemplify the spirit of the building industry.  This award recognizes an individual whose lifetime contributions have made a significant difference to the BASF, the industry and the community.  The criteria is based on four, essential personal qualities needed for strong leadership:  Conviction, Courage, Dedication and Excellence.

Past Recipients of the Al Singer Spirit of the Industry Award

2019   Richard Gomez 2009  Jonathan Fels 2003  Lester Goldstein *
2017   Ben Solomon, Esq. 2008  Richard Horton 2002  John Arbib *
2015   Joseph Goldstein, Esq. 2007  Luis Rabell 2001  Herschel “Hank” Green *
2013   David Saul * 2006  Miriam Alvarez 2000  George Berlin *
2012   Deborah Reyes 2005  Sanford Miot * 1999  Lenny Miller *
2011   Stanley B. Price, Esq. 2004  Deborah Reyes 1998  Al Singer *
2010   Shahin Etessam
* Deceased