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Make sure your plans are “Code-Ready!” The newest edition to the Florida Building Code, the 7th Edition, will become effective on December 31, 2020. Submit your plans before then, to beat that deadline – or else plans will have to meet the newest Florida Building Code!

In other news, the Florida Home Builders’ lobbying team made legislative strides, during the 2020 State Legislative Session. They smartly supported legislation that reduced the size of the Florida Building Commission from 28 to a more manageable 21. The new membership retains builder, engineer, and general contractor members, while it reduces state departmental or school board officials.

The FHBA continually monitors the Florida Building Commission for unwarranted and unnecessary building code amendments. FHBA’s building code Consultant, Joe Belcher, is on the job 24/7 at all Florida Building commission meetings looking out for your interests. This is another exclusive Membership Benefit!

A hard-fought code victory for multi-family and high-rise builder members was had about five years ago. It was the battle against a State Fire Marshall proposal for more elevators in multi-family buildings, beyond those now required for residents’ life safety egress. Working with BASF members, we successfully defeated the proposal for the inclusion of a separate “Fire Access Only” elevator in multi-family or high-rise buildings, including additional lobby areas, more stair access, and other requirements. Current NFPA and other life-safety requirements are currently in effect and offer the public exceptional life safety and fire protection.


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